Voice over Internet Protocol is a collection of technologies whose purpose is to enable communication over multimedia (internet). The point of this system is to step back from standard telephony and to reduce the cost of communication.

The principles of the VoIP are similar, if not the same, to a standard phone system, with the difference in the way the signals is transmitted. This system uses a wide array of codecs (audio and video) to compress, encode and deliver the audio and video stream to the person on the other side. The majority of the improvements to the existing network come from new codecs that can process everything better and faster than the old codecs.

Quality of the Voice over Internet Protocol

The quality of service is crucial to both the clients and the providers (us), and VoIP has its upsides and downsides in that aspect. While it is a lot cheaper than other alternatives, the security of the data isn’t as good as on those alternatives. The introduction of the virtual servers (Cloud) is a step forward when it comes to protection of the data, but the technology is still in its infancy stage. We can protect our data from simple DoS attacks, but if a hacker wants to crack our protection and they are willing to invest a lot of money and time in the attempt, then they will succeed.


Some protocols exist only to report the quality of the service to us. We use these protocols to fix and adjust active codecs and to create new codecs that will improve the experience. Some of those protocols regulate the packet transfer rate and they also prevent the loss of those packages. If a package gets lost, then we do a manual search and recovery.

VoIP – cheap and efficient telecommunications system

In the past, it was hard to keep a track on the phone numbers, between this and other systems. The law back in 21007 simplified this as it allowed the portability of a number from one network to another. This also made the VoIP faster as a call comes directly to the server of the provider, rather than going to the previous provider who has to send it to us.

Some protocols in Voice over IP exist to find the destination of every number and find the most cost-effective route to connect two parties. This allows us and other VoIP providers to offer low prices to our clients. Some consider this also the most complicated system, which it is. This system allows us to provide low prices for our services and we are satisfied with that. We also have a team of professionals who oversee protocols that regulate routing to prevent any problems.

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