Some people think that virtual phone system is superior to VoIP. They tend to ask us why we use the later one and why should they choose it over the previous system. It’s a good thing that people are asking these questions, and we are happy to answer them. We will make a bit of a comparison between those two to show you why we chose VoIP and we will also talk about that system outside of that comparison.

Comparing two things would be useless if the facts we share aren’t based on truth, and therefore we will only mention things that are true for both systems. If we avoid some things, then it might be due to incomplete info we gathered.

Comparing VoIP and virtual telephony

You have to pay for either one of these two telecommunication systems and the only difference in that aspect is the price. Now, you might think that the difference in the cost is small, but that assumption is wrong. The difference in pricing is large and in some cases it closes to the difference between VoIP and standard landline network.


The Virtual phone system connects the landline network to a computer and also the user to manage all features and controls through the PC. The incoming traffic comes to the physical telephone over the PSTN aka public switched telephone network, and the same goes for outgoing calls. This means that the fees and charges for local, national and other administration levels stay the same as it is with landline telephony. This system makes it easier to talk to other people, but it also costs the same as with standard telephone system.

The VoIP aka Voice over IP is different as everything is digitalized. VoIP is cheaper because the structure for transmission of sound and video already exists. The internet bill isn’t enlarged if you use it as you don’t have to attach additional devices to the computer. The VoIP is highly flexible as it isn’t connected to one computer only (you can transfer it from one device to another.

Other advantages of Voice over IP

The possibility to turn on the camera and chat with distant family is something that makes the VoIP better than the virtual phone system. This is an extra that many people will appreciate, especially those that want to talk with individuals who don’t live in the USA. The cost of an international call is huge if you don’t make the call through the VoIP-powered system.

A sad similarity between these two communication systems is the sound quality. Both of these types of communication have problems with the quality of the sound. Buying a better microphone will turn VoIP sound quality up. Having a high-speed internet connection will also boost it, so don’t try to use the VoIP-based system without a decent internet connection.

We hope that the facts we presented in this article will be enough to join us and become one of the millions of VoIP users.