About our team
A lead developer is a person who leads and oversees the whole development process. Their job is to implement new technologies and develop brand new features that we can use in our packages. The lead developer and others from that department represent the future of our business as they are the source of improvements.
The support manager is a fancy title for an individual that takes care of the reports from the support. If a client reports an issue and the support can’t deal with it, then they send it to the support manager. They check the issue and share them with people who can fix them.
Our experimental branch works with new, untested features that we plan to implement in our packages shortly. Their primary job is to test those features and to record and eventually report the problems they encounter. It takes a lot of testing to deliver a feature that doesn’t create unexpected issues.
The office crew is the people who deal with unexpected problems that are too complicated or support. They consist of various experts who are professionals in their fields. Whenever a support manager detects the problem, they send it to this branch. The issue is analyzed and given to the person who can fix it quickly.