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About telecommunications

The communication industry is constantly evolving and last ten years brought innovations to this field. The focus is changing, and everyone is looking toward the internet for an alternative to already washed-off landline communication systems. The alternatives are here, and we embraced them as everyone else does.

About Our Company

Ideal-Web-Income is a company that provides virtual telecommunications services. We offer different types of online communication alternatives to standard and dated ways to communicate. The VoIP is the choice in this industry that we chose over other kinds of communication.

Our company is here to give you an excellent choice in the world of telecommunications through VoIP-based technologies. We also develop and improve technologies behind our system to ensure the top-level of the service we provide.

What we do:


Our focus lies on networking as the internet is the primary medium on which our telecommunication system is based on.


Our research in the VoIP-based technology creates innovations in this field which we use for development of new features.


Cloud hosting is a modern and highly sophisticated method of offering spaces for website data, and this system provides clients with access to lightning fast SSDs and incredible power. Cloud hosting is flexible and can be easily upgraded or downgraded, and our teams are offering 24/7 customer support.

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“The telephone bills were always the problem as I have to make a lot of interstate calls. I had to find an alternative and Ideal-Web-Income provided one. This VoIP thing is excellent, and I save a lot of money through it”

“Talking with my family in the Canada was always an issue as the phone bills piled up. I looked for the alternative, and there they were Ideal-Web-Income and their VoIP technology. Now I don’t have to worry about the bill when I talk with my family”


636x636 - pexels young adults


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